Prof Dra. Antonietta Elia, Universidad de Santiago La Compostela

Dr. Antonietta Eliais a young jurist and actively engaged scholar. Since 2012, she is Senior Associate Fellow in Law at the University of Santiago de Compostela (SPAIN), where she has been also Associate Faculty Member for the Master in International Studies (2012-2017). Grateful to her dynamism, dedication, and international mobility, in 2016 she has been finalist to the First Scientific Cooperation Award for Italian Researchers based abroad (Spain) of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Specialized in International Law, Comparative Constitutional Law and EU Law, her main research and teaching interests focus on human rights law and implementation through public policies, including civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural ones. Dr. Elia has been selected/invited speaker at different international conferences and advanced courses in Europe, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, US, South Korea, China, where she has also been the main convenor of the International Law and Human Rights Course at China Youth University of Political Sciences in Beijing (2016-2017). She published many articles and contributions on a variety of human rights issues and she is currently completing a research book on new forms of discrimination based on religion and belief. Her ample interests include the rights of vulnerable groups, especially children and women, with a special focus on right to health. In addition to the international academic career, she is also actively engaged with international organizations and networks. As Human Rights Expert, on March 2019 Dr. Elia has been shortlisted candidate to the Italian Seat of the European Committee on the Prevention of Torture (publicly heard before the Italian Parliament, under the Italian National Round of the Procedure). At the same time, Dr. Eliaserves as international consultant for the EU-Council of Europe joint project on Human Rights Standards Capacity Building in Turkey, the COE Project for the Reform of the Criminal System in Moldova, and the COE project Supporting the Criminal Justice Reform – Tackling Criminal Aspects of Judicial Reform and Harmonizing the Application of European Standards in Armenia. Furthermore, she isselected expert for UNAIDS Roster Expert Practitioners on HIV and Human Rights, and the EASO External Associated Expert Roster. Dr. Elia has been active member of many international research groups, and she works as reviewer/editor of numerous international reviews and journals, like as the Review of International Studies.